The Coffee Club - Wasl Vita Mall - Food Photographer in Dubai
The Coffee Club - Wasl Vita Mall

The Coffee Club – Wasl Vita Mall

For all early morning risers, coffee, and breakfast lovers – The Coffee Club in Dubai is the place to go if you are looking to try some of the most delicious food + coffee beverages.

Yes, we are backing up the many reviews from people that The Coffee Club is a great place to start your day or spend some hours in between work.

It is located in the Wasl Vita Mall and offers a vibrant atmosphere in which you can work remotely with your laptop or meet colleagues and friends.

Don’t get confused only by its name. The Coffee Club offers a lot more than just coffee and drinks. It has everything you need for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

We were very excited to try the coffees, smoothies, and some breakfast they are making.

The Coffee Club offers a lot:

  • Big breakfasts
  • Omelettes
  • Soups and salads
  • Vegan and fitness food bowls
  • Burgers and pizza
  • Pasta
  • Dishes for kids
  • Coffee and Iced coffee
  • Ice team, smoothies, and frappes, etc.

Of course, it offers different kinds with lots of flavors, ingredients, and dressings. We couldn’t even get a grasp of what The Coffee Club has to offer. We were only there for a good breakfast. Here’s what we had and what we think of it:

We purchased:

  • Two omelettes with mozzarella and extra bacon
  • Two chia puddings with berries
  • Two iced lattes

There was so much to choose from but we decided to pick something familiar that we often eat at home and we can say that both omelettes and chia puddings were incredible. Everything was tasting delicious and fresh + the iced lattes gave us a fantastic boost for the day.

The Coffee Club is a great place to eat healthy because there were so many bowls that are rich in protein and antioxidants.

We do recommend the place for everyone who wants to have a chit-chat with friends and have a good meal. Also, it is placed in a communicative place in Dubai, so getting there should be easy.

The Coffee Club – Wasl Vita Mall does deliver great and fresh food and it is a place from which you can even work remotely while you are waiting for a colleague or friend to come. Enjoy.