Fi’lia Dubai – Restaurant - Food Photographer in Dubai
Fi’lia Dubai – Restaurant

Fi’lia Dubai – Restaurant

Do you know that the name of the restaurant Fi’lia means “daughter? How amazing that is!

Fi’lia is a restaurant in Dubai that is placed on the 70th floor, offers incredibly tasty food and views through the city. In this short review, we will present the place, what are the most popular meals that it offers, and more benefits.

Fi’lia is known to be the region’s first female-led restaurant. Women who share the same vision for tasty food, beverages, and world-class presentation are joining forces to create one of the fines culinary gems in Dubai.

With that being said, Fi’lia offers an astonishing menu that is passed down through generations. Traditions of food are presenting some of the finest dishes, some of which we had the privilege to try and will discuss later in the review.

But first, let’s start with some interesting facts and stories. We learned that the menu of Fi’lia is broken down into three main parts:

  • “Nonna” – in Italian it means “grandmother”
  • “Mamma” – as you can guess, it means “mother”
  • “Fi’lia” – the name of the restaurant itself, we mentioned in the beginning that it means “daughter”

Why do we mention this? Because each of the sections is preparing different dishes in the menu, which can be seen here.

The foods we have tried:

  • Margherita pizza – made incredibly delicious with some of the finest spices around
  • Diavola pizza – another tasty pizza with our favorite ingredient: pepperoni
  • Cheese fellow – beautifully arrange cheese plateau
  • Pannacotta dessert – delicious and fresh strawberries and strawberry gelato
  • Lemon and Meringue – this lemon cream was refreshing

Of course, there are many great options of pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts to try at Fi’lia but these were ones we decided to try. We are fans of pizza and we can say that the restaurant is making delicious ones in Dubai.

To finalize

Fi’lia is a great choice for people who want to try some favorite food options because the chefs here are going to prepare them incredibly well. Also, the restaurant has a mesmerizing view through Dubai and has a strong history.

It is run by women, with the lead of main chef Sara Aqel, and the team wants to bring the best of emotions, taste, and memories when it comes to dining at Fi’lia.

We do strongly recommend the restaurant. It has the potential to make everyone say: “Wow!”