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I’m Christiana,
a commercial food photographer based in
Dubai with over 10 years of experience. My passion 
is to create images that inspire love for food.

A picture is worth a thousand words



I set us up for success: we will strategize together how to achieve your objectives, best reach the target audience, and develop the optimal project briefing.


I create an amazing shooting day: I will have the best fitting selection of my props, we will follow our briefing together, and you will see live images in real time.


I promote your business on my social media: during the photo shoot I will be posting about the project and after our photo shoot I will be posting the final images periodically.


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Lifestyle pictures involve your customers in the process of preparing, serving and eating food. The social media content I create is dynamic and has an interesting story.

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Perfectly styled and captured images bring real benefits to restaurant owners. Delicious menu images entice customer's interest to try more and different dishes.

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Images that speak help to build your brand. With my team we create individual concepts for each client to best connect and communicate with the target audience.

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I take full advantage of my professional equipment and unique collection of props from around the world. Three easy steps to save time and money: describe your concept, deliver the products, and receive your pictures.

top 10 questions

From the colors and textures of nature, memories of taste and aroma of food, and talented chefs and artists.

The food stylist saves my time and energy for the actual shooting. For special projects I do my own food styling.

I personally prefer Cannon for camera and lenses and Godox for light.

Collaborate and agree on a proper briefing, share reference pictures and align on their interpretation, compile check list of the dishes, and ensure all ingredients are fresh and in top shape.

Creating high quality images is time consuming as it requires exceptional focus, creativity and professionalism during the set-up, composition and shooting.

Yes, I have a studio with a professional lighting set up and an amazing collection of props where I make photo-shoots of products sent by clients.

Most of my projects are in Dubai, but I often travel for work across the UAE and even internationally.

Cost depends on the project objective, complexity, size, and logistics, as well as if we are shooting in my studio or on location.

Yes, I give classes to individual or small groups of up to 10, and you can contact me for the schedule.

You can write me an email via the form below.

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    CNN Building - 2 King Salman

    Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St - Dubai