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About me

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Christiana and I’m a professional food photographer with over a decade of experience. I love creating work that flows with current trends, yet is unique enough to twist into something unique. I specialize in producing high-end quality images for magazines, restaurants, hotels, chefs, and food businesses in the UAE and globally.

Why my clients chose me? Because I’m not only obsessed with creating beautiful images, but also focused on creating wonderful experience for my clients along the process. I always help to organize the photoshoots, prepare mood boards, bring backgrounds and props for styling, and collaborate with the best food stylists in Dubai to deliver excellent results.

Are you ready to make your brand stand out among the best? Let’s connect and create mouthwatering images of it.

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From the colors and textures of nature, memories of taste and aroma of food, and talented chefs and artists.

The food stylist saves my time and energy for the actual shooting. For special projects I do my own food styling.

I personally prefer Cannon for camera and lenses and Godox for light.

Collaborate and agree on a proper briefing, share reference pictures and align on their interpretation, compile check list of the dishes, and ensure all ingredients are fresh and in top shape.

Creating high quality images is time consuming as it requires exceptional focus, creativity and professionalism during the set-up, composition and shooting.

Yes, I have a studio with a professional lighting set up and an amazing collection of props where I make photo-shoots of products sent by clients.

Most of my projects are in Dubai, but I often travel for work across the UAE and even internationally.

Cost depends on the project objective, complexity, size, and logistics, as well as if we are shooting in my studio or on location.

Yes, I give classes to individual or small groups of up to 10, and you can contact me for the schedule.

You can write me an email via the form below.

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