La Salle – Restaurant - Food Photographer in Dubai
La Salle – Restaurant

La Salle – Restaurant

If you are looking for a top-class restaurant for your special evening with your loved ones or fiancée, then we can freely say that La Salle in Abu Dhabi is the place to try.

La Salle means “Room” in French and does feel like it but it is an elegant place that you are going to love in Abu Dhabi.

It is a mixture of old vintage style combined with new design and elements all around it.

For bigger groups of people, there is the amazing eight-seater chef table which has an astonishing chandelier above it. The table is made from the finest wood and it is polished perfectly.

During the late hours of the day, the whole atmosphere at La Salle gets dramatic and very intimate. You should experience it.

La Salle has an elegant and versatile bar for all cocktail enthusiasts. You can purchase some of the finest cocktails around Dubai and try different flavors, premium drinks, and smooth mixes.

When it comes to dinner with a fine drink – La Salle offers it all.

What we have tried:

  • La Salle Oysters
  • Salade de chèvre
  • Double Spanish lamb cutlets
  • Tiramisu

We can freely say that that was some of the highlight dinners we have had in Dubai. The food was incredibly well cooked, with fresh products, attention to detail in the dish, and lots of tastes.

La Salle offers a high-quality menu from which you can choose real gourmet food to try.

We will definitely give 5/5 stars on the scale because the team and atmosphere at La Salle deserve it.

As we are going to admit: “La Salle is an unforgettable dining experience.”

The good:

  • Incredibly delicious food
  • Great bar for mixing the finest cocktails
  • Incredible dish presentation
  • Elegant atmosphere and team

The downsides:

We do not think that there are any downsides to La Salle. It is a first-class restaurant in Abu Dhabi, maybe for some people, it might feel more expensive. That is pretty understandable – La Salle is a high-class place and everyone working to manage it deserves a huge “Bravo!”.