Dai Pai Dong Restaurant - Food Photographer in Dubai
Dai Pai Dong Restaurant

Dai Pai Dong Restaurant

Dai Pai Dong is often referred to as a restaurant that has “a modern take on classic Cantonese cuisine”.

It is one of the perfect matches in Abu Dhabi if you are into Chinese food and culture. Many dishes are served there but some of the specialties are homemade noodles, dim sum, and barbecued meats.

The master chef is Nie Dong – a professional chef with more than 16 years of experience in Cantonese, Sichuan, and Jiangsu cuisine. His true vision and determination to serve the finest Chinese dishes are what make Dai Pai Dong a world-class restaurant.

Dai Pai Dong offers grilled and “street style” BBQ food. Cooking with only the finest selection of products, the restaurant uses fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables to bring the ultimate taste.

Also, the restaurant offers different packages for friends and families and gluten-free options are available.

The Chinese Dai Pai Dong restaurant offers the “All you can eat Dim Sum lunch”. For the ones of you who want to get deeper into tasting traditional Chinese dishes, this is a winning package that you can choose to go with.

Dai Pai Dong has steamed and fried bite-sized buns that are filled with deliciousness.

The restaurant has a business lunch from Sunday to Thursday until 3 p.m. It is a four-course menu that delivers Dims Sums, spring rolls, soup, and lots of desserts.

When we are talking about Friday, the restaurant has the “Hot Pot brunch” which takes place in the evening. You can try lots of traditional Chinese food, fresh flavors, fruits, and soft drinks with your friends and family.

For the ones that are in Abu Dhabi on the weekends, you can try the Saturday “Yum Cha Brunch”. You can choose among fine delectable dumplings, roasted meat, have a wonderful dessert and drinks.

Final Verdict

The Dai Pai Dong restaurant reminds a lot of people of homemade dishes and the tastes also resemble. With traditional Chinese food and world-class chefs, the place is wonderful to have a bite with your loved ones. More information can be found here.