Jeema Restaurant - Food Photographer in Dubai
Jeema Restaurant

Jeema Restaurant

Jeema is a restaurant in JA Hatta Fort Hotel that offers delicious Asian food and it is one of the best in the area.

Of course, you can find a wide selection of dishes in it that are made by some of the top chefs and they will make sure you are experiencing truly your stay at Jeema.

The restaurant relies on high-quality customer service and provides exceptional dishes for the people. You can try pasta with chicken, different types of burritos, wonderful desserts with ice cream, soups, risotto, grilled meat with fries and sauces, and more.

Also, the restaurant has a wide variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to add as a great starter or finisher to your dinner.

If you are a “steak fan”, then you should try what Jeema has to offer. Some people even refer to Jeema restaurant as the affordable gourmet version that has nice staff and the place is great for families with kids.

The good:

  • Delicious steaks and grilled dishes
  • Great desserts
  • Nice place for families with kids
  • More affordable than some other top-tier restaurants in Dubai
  • Placed in your hotel, if you are staying at JA Hatta Fort Hotel

The downsides:

  • There aren’t many downsides when it comes to the food or service. Some people would find it a little bit confusing to find the location as on some listings on the Internet it is shown to in Dubai but it does not tell that the restaurant is actually in a hotel.
  • Some customers are waiting longer for their food to come.

With that being said, Jeema restaurant is worth a try and if you are no vacation near that location, then you should visit it.