Sambusek Restaurant - Food Photographer in Dubai
Sambusek Restaurant

Sambusek Restaurant

Sambusek is a Lebanese restaurant and one of the best ones offering traditional food and awesome drinks.

It is placed in Rosewood Abu Dhabi and has nice views all around. The restaurant is very elegant and will provide a great time for you and your friends.

The restaurant is a winner when it comes to offering grilled foods. It has a wide array of BBQ on the menu, grilled shrimp, Traboulsi fried shrimp, grilled chicken, etc.

If you are into fried and grilled food, then Sambusek is the place to try. It has a lot of sauces, dips, and ingredients that will make the food taste delicious.

If you are more into salads, then the place has a lot to offer for you. Also, you can try some salads with salmon, tuna fish, chicken, and different dressings. You will be amazed at how fresh and crispy the food is made to be.

For all the view seekers, the Sambusek restaurant offers incredible views, especially in the late evening times and sunset. You can enjoy a great chat with friends and family, have delicious food and beverages, and take wonderful photos.

Some customers are more than satisfied with the outstanding customer service and this can be checked if you ask people who have visited the place. The team is making no exceptions when it comes to delivering first-class services and dishes with top manners.

The good:

  • Delicious grilled and fried food
  • Amazing customer service
  • Nice views
  • Outdoor terrace

The downsides:

  • Some people might find it a bit expensive but it is a world-class restaurant that offers more than expected.

Final words

If you are into grilled BBQ, want to have a nice evening with your friends and have fun – Sambusek restaurant in Abu Dhabi is the place to turn all of it into reality.