Accents Restaurant and Terrace - Food Photographer in Dubai
Accents Restaurant and Terrace

Accents Restaurant and Terrace

We are introducing to you the Accents restaurant and terrace. It is one of Dubai’s most astonishing places for lunch and dinner and the place has a ton of amazing offers to choose to spend a lovely time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

The place is positioned at an outstanding location looking straight to the Dubai Marina and has such a classy interior that you would get the vibes you are entering the latest kitchen design that has everything to offer to its customers.

The Accents restaurant and terrace have it all — starting from lovely breakfasts, food for lunch, and a special menu for dinner.

As the slogan for the restaurant is “Lazy Breakfasts. Amazing Lunches, Relaxing Dinners, Party Brunches”, you can guess that it might be the proper place to visit when in Dubai.

It not only has food specialties for everyone but the restaurant will make you feel its whole atmosphere as you try out the wonderful desserts, salmon, salads, and more.

Let’s point out the strongest parts of the place and expose to you what are the benefits to visit it.

Accents have Friday Brunch with music and “a whole party atmosphere going on”. The breakfasts include a live egg station, Continental and European dishes, multiple types of cheese, cold nuts, bread, and fresh salads just to start your day the right way. Isn’t this awesome? It sure is! We were astounded by the breakfast.

Speaking more of the interior and the place itself, Accents restaurant and terrace has built two types of balconies, one that is outdoors and one that is indoors.

And here comes the view – it is simply breathtaking. You should see it. The Dubai Marina has never looked any better, especially at sunset.

So, are you already hungry? Let’s talk about the magnificent dishes and food variations.

The one thing you should definitely try out is their “Loch Duarte Salmon”. It is cooked with absolute precision and the salmon itself melts in your mouth. Not only it is healthy but looks fabulous when they are serving it. Trying it out is “a must”.

When it comes to dessert, the Accents restaurant and terrace has one of the most recognizable and known in Dubai. We tried several but the one that sticks with us for longer was the legendary “Banana Pounding”.

It was so delicious, we were about to lick our lips and fingertips many times.


The Accents restaurant and terrace is not only a lovely place with good food and nice views. It combines different strengths into one like the presentation of food, great taste, ambiance, and professional staff that works there.

We are strongly recommending the place for your next Friday Brunch in Dubai, special dates, business meetings, going with your loved ones, and having an awesome time spent.

With a full bar and great food ahead, the Accents restaurant and terrace is the place to choose when you are looking to go out when in Dubai.